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Finding the Perfect Franchisee in South Africa

Thorough planning is important when you prepare the profile for what you would consider the ideal franchisee. Franchisees vary a great deal across many different aspects, so careful thought and consideration is crucial when deciding what potential franchisees should be like. Keep in mind you are not just looking at how competent the person is, but understanding the mind-set, principles, and work habits are important if you want your franchise business to succeed long term.

Recruiting Strategy
Once you have established the type of individual you need you should know where to look for them. Figure out a recruitment strategy and decide how fast or slow you wish to proceed. Are you going to spread from a central point, or are you going to have franchises in a number of strategic locales around South Africa? Remember your strategy will need to be complemented by a professional advertising campaign that is aimed at a specific target audience.

This is a crucial part of a successful campaign. Documents should reflect your business accurately to draw the correct type of interest. Painting an inaccurate picture of what is on offer can expose you as the franchisor to potential liability as time goes on.

Make sure you have detailed documentation for the many facets of your recruitment strategy. This should include a Franchise Agreement, an Overview of your franchise, and a Summary of potential opportunities on offer. These documents should have a specific role as you go through the process of recruiting.

Advertising Budget
Your strategy when looking for the ideal franchisee should be to design a marketing plan that draws the correct kind of individual. Keep in mind that recruiting is simply a numbers game, and if you do not make people aware of the opportunities on offer it is unlikely you will find the right individual for the job.

The type of media you use should target a specific audience. There are a number of ways to get your message across, including local and national newspapers and magazines, TV and radio, direct mail campaigns, industry-specific expos, website updates, and passing on information to current suppliers, staff and customers.

The type of copy you use when you advertise is crucial in that it can make or break your campaign. Use a headline that grabs the reader’s attention, and then use that to encourage the reader to want to learn more. Using an agency to help with layout, copy, and distribution is a good way to guarantee the success of your advertising campaign.

Each franchisee applicant must follow the same recruitment process and be guaranteed the same amount of information at each stage of this process. Remember to keep a comprehensive record of any conversations you have or enquiries which are submitted. This reduces the risk of liability once the recruitment process is complete.

A thorough Assessment Form should be drawn up so that careful conclusions can be made. You should pay particular attention throughout the process, including psychological profiling. Getting a recruitment agency involved is often a good idea and can save time and money in the long run.

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