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Valuing Your Business for Sale

Establishing an objective market value for your business is not an exact science, and can fluctuate depending on the kind of business you own and why you need a valuation done. There are a number of aspects to take into account, ranging from the book worth of your assets to a number of indefinable e...

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Preparing your Business for Sale Using a Business Broker

To successfully sell your business you must first make a plan. By using our approach you will gain a better insight into when you should sell your business and for how much. When to sell a business? The very first question you need to consider is this: How marketable is my business? We will be able...

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Finding the Perfect Franchisee in South Africa

Thorough planning is important when you prepare the profile for what you would consider the ideal franchisee. Franchisees vary a great deal across many different aspects, so careful thought and consideration is crucial when deciding what potential franchisees should be like. Keep in mind you are not...

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Selling a Substantial Business

If you are thinking about selling your SME then it is a good idea to talk to one of our experienced brokers. As with most people who own a business you will have a large amount of money tied up in your company, and if these funds are not managed properly by a knowledgeable advisor it can have a seri...

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Buying a Large Business

LINK’s Corporate Division specialise in the sale of companies valued at over R5 million. Our senior team of proficient and knowledgeable brokers offer a wealth of industry experience, they understand how the market works and can you take step by step through the process of finding and purchasi...

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