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Revolutionary Energy Drink Distribution

R125,000Western Cape (WC - Cape Town Region)Listing: #14907

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Revolutionary Energy Drink Distribution
This energy drink has been available overseas for many years. It has never been launched in SA until now. Prospective distributors now have the opportunity to distribute this energy drink within their designated areas to a captive market.
The content of this energy drink has been researched and tested in a laboratory for over 3 years, until the final product was manufactured complying to all the necessary regulations in SA.
The energy drink has a total sales value of over R3 billion in SA and at a target of only 3% the sales value of this energy drink will be R90 million. To make it feasible for distributors in SA, 100 areas were identified in SA for distribution- thus each distributor has a potential R900,000 income per annum.
Depending on the target market singled out by the distributor, the Gross Profits can differ between 13 to 50%. Working on an average of 30% GP, the distributor can thus earn R270,000 per annum.