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National Hair & Beauty Product Master Licence

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National Hair & Beauty Product Master Licence
No experience is needed in this industry sector, just an entrepreneurial passion to bring a stunning new brand to your country!

The hair and beauty industry never goes out of fashion and women worldwide literally demand new brands to try and take on as their new favourite. Just check the shelves in your local retailers!

The added bonus with the Uber brand is that, because of the natural exotic ingredients such as softening Hydrolyzed silk, nourishing Pequi Oil, moisturizing Aloe Vera, rejuvenating Ju Hua, firming Pomegranate and soothing Yogurtine (to name just a few) means that even women who could not previously use any creams or make up due to hyper-sensitive skin can now enjoy the benefits of a beautiful range of products without any fear of side effects.

Testimonials from around the globe that bear witness!

The 'Uber' name was cleverly chosen as it is the in chic word in the Hair and Beauty industry. Articles written in press and magazines often refer to such products as being 'Uber cool' or 'Uber slick' or 'Uber sexual'.

Distinctively packaged in minimalistic chic, this fabulous life style range's edgy image is gaining Uber 'must have' status amongst the movers and shakers of the celebrity world.

In the next few years when Uber is expected to be an internationally recognized brand, this may be one of the world's most in demand and sought after Master Distributorship businesses. It's the getting in at the beginning that is the key.

The parent company (Medichem International) who manufacture the Uber brand (and many other products for major national chains) are the epitome of stability and longevity, with the Chairman a pillar of the community and serving for many years as a local magistrate.

Medichem International supply 450 UK hospitals with surgical scrubs and other products and also manufacture Prince Charles's organic products under the Duchy label.

Uber products were chosen for the after dinner party at the prestigious PFA (Professional football awards) dinner in London, and was also the choice of a top Model Agency at a gala evening in London to celebrate 25 years of Super Models.


A Master Distributorship with the Uber brand could be described as the 'Holy Grail' for businessmen and business women alike because it is the rarest of opportunities to get in at the beginning of a new brand before it becomes internationally recognized.

When this happens, the investment required to claim such an exalted status of 'Exclusive Country Master Distributor' usually becomes out of reach to all but the very wealthiest of people.

This is your opportunity to purchase the Master Distributorship licence for South Africa!

If you have the drive and determination to succeed in the exciting world of exclusive hair/skin care products, then this is for you. Purchase price includes stock (approx. 3000 GBP) to start!

• Most unusually, there are no on-going license fees, no royalties and no Management fees.
• The contract is in perpetuity, not the usual three or five years, and with no renewal fees.
• This small investment in relative terms affords you the rarest of opportunities to build a business empire in your country in one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant markets.
• Huge profit margins, and one Uber product already breaking all sales records everywhere, means that you should be off and running and earning serious money in a very short time.
• In two years, when Uber is an internationally recognized brand in 50/60 countries, your small investment now, could be worth a fortune to you then.
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Ian Craig